I always thought that Elijah,when he seeks Godon the mountainand finds him notin the powerful windor the earthquakeor the firebut in the gentle whisper,that he was teaching us to be stillto hear Him.And that is true,but I realize now it is more,it is about who He is.He's not what we expect.He's not weilding lightning boltsand … Continue reading Gentle

Faith is a funny thing..

Faithis a funny thing.I still doubtthat he is even there.No matter how many signsit is never enough.Jesus saidthat an adulterous generationasks for a sign.Faith isn't going to workthat way.Faith is the hopein things not yet seen.It's trusting in the invisible.It isn't about gathering enough evidenceor experienceto prove he is there.God will hide himselfthat we might … Continue reading Faith is a funny thing..