Dissertation Progress

Last week I completed the final build of the House Robot demo for my dissertation, so now the testers can choose which method of DDB to use at the start of the game and are able to experience both included methods.

I’ve also revised my lit review and subsequent sections, after receiving formal feedback from my tutor. So this week I will be undertaking the testing and data collection process and completing the remaining few sections of the dissertation.

Dissertation Progress

This week I’ve been working on the implementation of DDB in my House Robot game. I have now finished the ‘game world modelling’ variant of DDB, which features modifications to spawn rates, ammo quantities and hiding place invisibility percentages, based on a dynamic assessment of the player’s skill level. So next I need to implement the ‘opponent modelling’ variant, which will feature modifications to the AI itself.

Bouncer Game in Unity

I’ve been working on a little doorman/bouncer simulator game, in C# using Unity 5. I’ve only been working on it a few days, but enjoying getting to grips with Unity (even though the game is created almost entirely in code, so I barely touched the main UI.) I’ve also spent some time improving my sprite creation skills, and I think my walking animations have improved a lot.

Dissertation Progress

This week I’ve been improving upon the initial draft of my lit review, by adding additional references to back up points made and to provide a comparing and contrasting of viewpoints in the subject areas.

I’ve also been working on my sprite creation skills, and I’ve managed to draw a much better character sprite for my dissertation and his walking animation spritesheets. My former attempts had literally been created as fast as possible to get something working to test my game, but now I’m putting proper effort in to improve the visual aspect of the game.