Got some good news.
God doesn’t desire you to have
independent moral perfection.
He’s not like
“oh look at that guy
that guy is just perfect
I don’t need to have a relationship with him,
he is doing just fine on his own.”
When we talk about repentence,
that is NOT what we are talking about.
The bible teaches that God desires
a broken spirit and a contrite heart.
It’s the parable of the publican,
where it was not the self-righteous one
who was justified before God,
but it was the one who lowered his head
and threw himself on the mercy of God.
Repentence is not improving your own heart
so you become a better
self-sufficent human being.
Repentence is turning back to God.
It’s the prodigal son,
who went astray,
but then he came home to his father.
Because the reality is
it’s only through God
that we can become holy.
We just need to come to God
in honesty
letting our full selves
be revealed in his light,
knowing how thoroughly and completely
we need to rely upon God,
knowing we are not good in ourselves
nor could we ever hope to be,
but that our goodness is God,
and the good in me
is not of me
but of Christ who lives in me.

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