I always thought that Elijah,
when he seeks God
on the mountain
and finds him not
in the powerful wind
or the earthquake
or the fire
but in the gentle whisper,
that he was teaching us to be still
to hear Him.
And that is true,
but I realize now it is more,
it is about who He is.
He’s not what we expect.
He’s not weilding lightning bolts
and shouting us down
with terrifying authority.
He is gentle.
He presents Himself as a servant,
washing feet.
He doesn’t force his will upon us
or talk over us,
but softly calls us
and waits.
I caught a glimpse of Him once
in a vision I had
and he wasn’t at all
how I imagined.
Shining in beautiful starlight,
I felt his smile
of overflowing delight
and this otherworldly gentleness
that assured me how very careful
he would be in loving me.

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