The Saddest Thing

The saddest thing
is not that God is hard to find
but that we,
having found him easily,
are not prepared to pay the price.

So much we hold on to,
we consume ourselves with,
we don’t know what it is to let go,
to enter the gentle streams
of his instruction,
to fall back into his depths.
The things I’ve chosen
over life in God,
what have they really done for me?
Why do I cling to rags
when surrounded by royal robes?
Why do I listen to whispered lies
when the Master’s voice thunders
like waves of holy wind
rumbling through the corridors?

I will put it all down
like a deer raising its head in the forest,
and I will run to him.

I long to be carried
on the wind of his will,
to be abandoned
and wholly lost in his presence.

Help me, oh Lord
to know what is good
and to choose it!

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