The Way of God

I wanted to write a bit about
the way of God
as I’ve come to discover it.
My way is one of force,
of control, of coercion.
I push, I strain, I work
to defend myself,
to bend others
and the world around me,
to accomplish my aims.
And sometimes my aims are good
and I want to help,
but I find myself in conflict.
My ways don’t work.
And God says,
“my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are my ways your ways.”
His way is not of force
but of surrender,
of mercy,
of long waiting,
of listening,
of prayer,
of trust.
God made the heavens and the earth,
but not through force;
the book of Hebrews tells us
he made it all by faith.
He called it into being by words,
by his prayers.
and he forms us inside
to help us grow,
not with the twisting of hands
but a gentle touch,
a call and a whisper,
a leading into the open meadow of his grace.

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