The True Vine

If I may be so audacious, I’ve noticed what I think is a misunderstanding in how we grow in Christ. I think some Christians are under the impression that Christ makes us stronger and more gifted within ourselves over time as we walk with Him, as if God makes us independently more powerful and successful.

I would argue that it is the opposite! When you walk with Christ, you gradually realize how utterly incapable you are in your own strength, and how completely you need to depend upon Him. We become less and he becomes more.

If we are to grow then it means we are to become more like Christ, who himself is humble, gentle, meek, lowly in heart, giving himself completely to the will of the Father, doing nothing except that which he saw his Father doing, living in total obedience and dependence upon God the Father, whose power is made perfect in weakness.

Christ himself has said that he is the true vine, and we are like branches and must remain attached to the vine, who is the first source and the continuing source of all good things within us, and as Christ says, if we should be cut off and separated from that vine, then we would wither and die.

So we should not become conceited thinking God has made us great, no, God has become great in us! As Paul said, “not I, but Christ in me!”

Perhaps it is not a popular opinion, us having been raised in a society that puts high value on independence and personal growth and strength, but there is a real freedom in realizing that it’s not all on us, we have a good Father that we can depend upon.

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