Honesty in weakness

I felt that God has told me today, that he doesn’t need me to be perfect, but he wants me to see my weaknesses and acknowledge them. I have been so defensive, not wanting to admit where I am weak and sinful and where I struggle, but God wants me to know today that he doesn’t need my perfection, he needs my humility, honesty and openness. It is enough to acknowledge where I fall short and to confess it, to boast about it even as Paul says, and present myself in weakness to God, because his power is made perfect in weakness. I don’t have to defend myself or hide from him any longer. He knows my intimately, he knows the number of hairs on my head, and he for sure knows where I am weak. It is no surprise to him.

It is enough to admit I struggle in an area and say sorry to those it hurts, and then try to do better. I don’t have to defend myself and fight back. I don’t have to hide my flaws and try to convince others that I don’t have them. It’s time to be authentic and real, and admit it all.

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