Why I Became a Christian

I moved here to Manchester 7 months ago. Now, before moving here, I had attended a few churches, but I didn’t see myself as Christian. I was more of a spiritual tourist, you might say. I also visited the places of other religions. I wanted to meet new people and interact with these interesting communities, … Continue reading Why I Became a Christian

The Spirit in the House

There's something hidden that happens in church that you don't know about. From the outside, it just looks like a bunch of nice people gathering together and singing, following rules from an old book and saying strange things. I never thought I would become one of these weird people. I mean, I always kinda liked … Continue reading The Spirit in the House

8 Areas of a Healthy Marriage

This post is just a rough transcription of the first quarter of a podcast I'm listening to, and I just wanted it here for reference. Here's the podcast though, if you're interested: https://podcast.gospelinlife.com/e/cultivating-a-healthy-marriage "I planted the seed, Apollo watered it, but God made it grow." A church is likened to a garden. A gardener needs … Continue reading 8 Areas of a Healthy Marriage